Interested in housing issues?

Interested in housing issues? Work at a community organization? Eager to learn more about landlord/tenant, fair housing, and government housing programs? You are invited to attend a Housing Advocates Training (HAT) and Welfare Policy Seminar (WPS) on Tuesday, September 23, and Wednesday, September 24, 2014, in Ann Arbor. Space is still available and we are offering a reduced rate.

This two-day training covers topics including illegal evictions, housing discrimination, subsidized housing, and welfare policies. The Fair Housing CenterLegal Services of South Central Michigan, and the Michigan Poverty Law Program provide these participatory workshops for people from local community organizations. Registration is required.

By the end of the training, participants will understand:

  •  how to recognize signs of housing discrimination
  •  how to advocate for victims of housing discrimination
  •  the services offered by fair housing organizations
  •  the basis of the landlord/tenant relationship
  •  how to advocate for clients in need of housing repairs
  •  how the eviction process works
  •  how to advocate for clients in an eviction or lockout
  •  the services offered by Legal Services programs
  •  the basic characteristics of housing subsidy programs
  •  the rights and responsibilities of tenants in subsidized housing programs
  •  DHS and Social Security program policies

Questions? Call 1-877-979-FAIR or visit our website to register.

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Racial Dot Map


Demographic researchers at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service have used the 2010 Census Block Data to produce an interactive map that plots a dot for every person in the United States, color-coded by race and ethnicity. Visit the link, where you can add/subtract map labels, change from black & white to color coding, and zoom into your own city or town. Below is a closer look at the six-county area that our fair housing center serves.


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Ann Arbor Housing Advocates Training Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for Housing Advocates Training on September 23 and 24th, 2014, and a Welfare Policy Seminar in the afternoon of the 24th. Both workshops are in Ann Arbor.

HAT is designed to help social service workers gain a working knowledge of fair housing law, landlord/tenant law, and housing subsidy programs. WPS focuses on the Department of Human Service’s most popular programs. Registration is required and space is limited.

The training’s are presented by staff from the Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan, the Michigan Poverty Law Program, and Legal Services of South Central Michigan.

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Maternity Leave and Mortgage Discrimination

keep-calm-when-on-maternity-leaveIn June 2011 we shared with you HUD’s press release on their landmark actions concerning maternity leave and mortgage denials or delays. That press release included the Dr. Elizabeth Budde case, which is considered to be the impetus for the flurry of maternity leave/mortgage settlements now occurring across the nation.

According to the HUDdle, Dr. Budde, a Seattle-area oncologist, had been approved for a mortgage, but the lender reportedly revoked its loan approval after learning that she was on maternity leave. Even though Dr. Budde was receiving full pay and benefits while she cared for her baby, the lender said it could not consider her income because she wasn’t working. Continue reading

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Criminal Background, Arrest and Conviction Record and Fair Housing

This article was originally published in our Spring 2014 Newsletter.

The United States Department of Justice advises that more than 650,000 ex-offenders are released from prison every year1, and social scientists and legal scholars now estimate up to 65,000,000 people are living with a criminal conviction in the U.S.2 A high percentage of those 65 million are African-Americans and Latinos3, and we therefore believe that housing policies that ban people with criminal records impact a disproportionate number of people of color because they are over represented in the criminal justice system.

incarc rate by race & gender - web

Continue reading

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