Coates et. al. v Myers

Coates et. al. v Myers
Ypsilanti Township

Six women filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against their former landlords, Raymond “Scott” Myers and his parents, Ernest and Becky Myers.  Although the women had never met, all reported a similar pattern of behavior from Scott Myers.  According to the lawsuit filed at the end of May 1999, Scott Myers engaged in a range of behavior including: making unwelcome sexual advances to tenants; placing sex devices in tenants’ rooms and common areas of the house; and performing sexual acts in tenants’ bedrooms and bathrooms during their absence.  FHC Cooperating Attorney Henry Stancato, of Stancato & Tragge, filed the lawsuit in Federal District Court on behalf of the group.  The case was assigned to Judge Gerald E. Rosen.  According to the terms of the settlement, Mr. Myers and his parents are barred from the housing rental business.

Court: Federal
Settlement: $166,200

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