The mission of the FHC is to end discrimination in housing and public accommodations and to promote accessible, integrated communities. Donate Now. We’ve been helping people exercise their fair housing rights for over 25 years now, with great success. People like Cicily Pippens. Here is her story:

Ms. Pippens thought she found the perfect apartment for herself and her two children until the owner said that no kids could live in the building. Cicily went on with her search for housing and might have let the whole incident go had she not seen the Fair Housing Center’s classified ad in her local newspaper:

Housing Discrimination? Call the Fair Housing Center Toll free: 877-979-FAIR.

Cicily called our office; we took her complaint, sent out testers, and found strong evidence of bias against families with children.

We met with Ms. Pippens and she elected to work with FHC Cooperating Attorney Steve Tomkowiak. The case was filed in Federal Court. According to the lawsuit, the defendant, Mildred Trkula, told Pippens that “they really do not want children living here.” Ms. Trkula is the owner of the property.  The lawsuit also reveals that the defendant told FHC testers “you can’t have kids,” “it is an adult unit,” and that when a previous tenant “found a girlfriend with kids” she, Ms. Trkula, “got rid of them.”

Ms. Pippens soon accepted $20,000 to settle her familial status complaint. The landlord was required to attend fair housing training, and most importantly, those housing units were opened up for future rentals free from discrimination against children.

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