Dukes v Carpenter Place

Dukes v Carpenter Place
Pittsfield Township

Marie Dukes, who uses a walker, asked Carpenter Place Apartments for a reserved parking space closer to the front entrance of the building.  When they refused, Mrs. Dukes contacted the Fair Housing Center.  FHC staff wrote a letter to Carpenter Place asking for the parking space as a reasonable accommodation of Mrs. Dukes’ disability.  When the deadline for action passed, Mrs. Dukes was referred FHC Cooperating Attorney, J. Mark Finnegan for litigation.  Mr. Finnegan filed suit on behalf of Mrs. Dukes in Federal Court, the case was assigned to Judge Patrick J. Duggan. Mrs. Dukes told FHC staff that the complex provides an inadequate amount of handicapped parking.  When Mrs. Dukes couldn’t find a space and parked where she could manage, Carpenter Place immediately towed her car.  Shortly after the litigation was filed, Mrs. Dukes received a reserved parking space and agreed to settle the case for $3,500.00.  “I think it’s wonderful, it is so much better,” said Mrs. Duke about her new parking space.

Court: Federal
Settlement: $3,500 + reserved parking space

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