Frye v Parkway Meadows

Frye v Parkway Meadows
Ann Arbor

Carol Frye has a disability.  When she could no longer manage without a wheelchair, she made a written request to Keystone Management for a ramp to the entrance of her apartment.  She also requested an accessible shower.  In a letter denying her request, the regional property manager states “Our contractor advised us that a ramp would not be possible as there is not enough room to install one to ADA code”.  FHC staff asked architect David Esau to look at Ms. Frye’s front steps.  Within 24 hours Mr. Esau had drawings of a ramp and suggestions on how to install a shower unit.  FHC staff made a second request for reasonable accommodation in writing along with Mr. Esau’s design.  No ramp was provided.  FHC Cooperating Attorney J. Mark Finnegan of Heberle & Finnegan filed the case on behalf of Ms. Frye.  The case was assigned to Judge John Feikens.

Court: Federal
Settlement: $112,000

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