Become a Civil Rights Tester

Testers are needed to help investigate Civil Rights violations in Clinton, Eaton, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe, Shiawassee, and Washtenaw Counties.

The FHC is seeking people to assist in the investigation of housing discrimination complaints (“testing”). “Testers” pose as home seekers in a variety of housing rental and sales situations. Testers are similar to Secret Shoppers in the retail industry. Testers will be part-time as-needed employees ($24 an hour plus mileage reimbursement), or may choose to volunteer. Hours vary and are flexible. Attention to details is a must. Access to personal transportation is helpful, but not required.

The FHC currently needs people of all races and ethnicities, age 18 and over.

How to Apply:
Fill out, SAVE, and submit the following FHC Tester Application (please save the form with a new name to your computer before emailing or faxing it over). Once we’ve received your application,  we may contact you to discuss your application and potentially set up an interview. Please fax (734-340-6598) or email your application to our Director of Investigations, Jessica Ortiz Farley (

If you would like more information on becoming a tester please call the Fair Housing Center using our toll free number 877-979-FAIR.

What is a Tester?
As a tester you are playing the role of a home seeker – a person who is looking for a housing unit in which to live. Testers must be objective, careful observers, accurate reporters, and truthful witnesses. Besides visiting many interesting homes and apartment complexes, you may have an opportunity to serve as a witness in a court case. Most importantly, you become a key part of the FHC’s efforts to end discrimination in housing.

What is Testing?
Testing is a term that refers to a process of checking the housing market to determine the nature and extent of discriminatory treatment accorded different home seekers. Testers take careful notes of what transpires.

Why Testing?
The testing process has been consistently supported by federal courts as a legitimate,
necessary, and often the only method available to identify practices of unlawful housing
discrimination. Fair housing litigation filed with the help of the FHC has been based, in large part, on the evidence provided by FHC testers. Both the sworn oral testimony and the actual written reports of testers are routinely accepted by courts as evidence of discriminatory conduct by a defendant.

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