Keck v Kensington Court

Keck v Kensington Court
Ann Arbor

Alfreda and Devon Keck filed a racial discrimination suit against Kensington Court Hotel, located at 610 Hilton Boulevard in Ann Arbor, MI.  The African-American couple went to Kensington Court to book their wedding reception and hotel rooms for October 2005.  When the Keck’s attempted to book the facilities and rooms they were refused on multiple occasions, stating that the events manager would call them to set things up.  After two weeks of stopping by the hotel and trying to make arrangements to no avail, Mr. and Mrs. Keck turned to the FHC for help.  FHC testing supported their claim of race discrimination.  FHC Cooperating Attorney Stephen M. Dane of Relman & Dane filed the case in U.S. Federal District Court on March 12, 2007.  The case was assigned to the Honorable Robert H. Cleland.  This case was sent back to the Federal District Court Judge Robert H. Cleland for trail after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the opinion on May 21, 2009 and order granting the defendant’s motion for summary judgment.

Court: Federal
Status: Non-disclosed

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