Luckett v Town & Country

Luckett v Town & Country
Pittsfield Township

Felton Luckett, an African-American man, told the FHC that he applied for an apartment at Town & Country Apartments on Carpenter Road.  Not only had he applied, he had been accepted and signed a lease to begin January 1, 2001.  When he called Town & Country to arrange moving in he was told the unit had been rented to someone else and that he would have to wait until February.  When he called in early February, the manager told him that he had to wait for his unit to be re-carpeted.  Later Mr. Luckett was told that they decided not rent to him.  Undercover testing supported Mr. Luckett’s race discrimination claim.  The case was filed in U.S. Federal District Court.  The case was assigned to Judge Paul D. Borman.

Court: Federal
Settlement: $5,000

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