Mackey v Parkhill Apartments

Mackey v Parkhill Apartments

When Rashawnda and Marcus Mackey, an African-American couple, were denied a unit at Parkhill Apartments, Ms. Mackey was suspicious.  She contacted the FHC to report the denial. FHC Coordinator of Investigations Mary Bejian sent teams of African American and white testers to the Ypsilanti apartment complex.  Testing supported Ms. Mackey’s claim of race discrimination. The Mackey’s decided on litigation and chose FHC Cooperating Attorney Steve Tomkowiak.  Mr. Tomkowiak filed suit on behalf the Mackey’s in U.S. Federal District Court, the case was assigned to Judge Denise Page Hood.  In 1997 FHC assisted Pamela Thomas with a suit against Parkhill.  Her familial status case settled for $7,500.

Court: Federal
Settlement: $11,500

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