FHC and DOJ Settle Case Against Seven Michigan Properties for $45,000

“As long as you don’t have any kids or animals.”

This is what our testers were told when they called three different Lansing-area properties. Testers were asked repeatedly to confirm that they did not have children before the agent offered to show them an available apartment. When a tester stated that they had a child, the agent either hung up on or otherwise refused to allow that tester to see an apartment.

Read about the case in the Lansing State Journal

We are very pleased to announce that the Fair Housing Center settled its case against these properties and owner/agent Sudi Hopper for $20,000.The Department of Justice (who investigated the case at our request) settled for an additional $25,000 that included monies “to compensate victims of their discriminatory practices.”

In total, seven Michigan complexes now have to eliminate their discriminatory policies, inform tenants of their new nondiscriminatory policies, and provide fair housing training to their staff and agents. The named properties are: Parkside East Apartments in East Lansing, Holt Manor Apartments and C and H Apartments in Holt, Kelly Manor Apartments in Owosso, Camelot Apartments in Lansing, Pine Cove Apartments in DeWitt, and Park Place Apartments in Williamston.

We hope this litigation sends a loud message: policies to restrict children will not be tolerated.

This case has been making headlines since May 2015.

FHC Press Release
FHC Complaint


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