Housing Advocates Training

This two-day training is an excellent resource for anyone working as an advocate (clients/consumers also welcome). Trainers include staff and attorneys from the Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan, the Michigan Poverty Law Program, and Legal Services of South Central Michigan.

Day One: HAT is designed to help social service workers gain a working knowledge of fair housing law, landlord/tenant law, and housing subsidy programs. By the end of the training attendees will know:

• How to recognize signs of housing discrimination
• How to advocate for a victim of housing discrimination
• The services offered by fair housing organizations
• The basis of the landlord/tenant relationship
• How to advocate for clients in need of housing repairs
• How the eviction process works
• How to advocate for your clients in an eviction or lockout
• The services offered by Legal Services Programs
• The basic characteristics of housing subsidy programs
• The rights and responsibilities of tenants in subsidized housing programs

Day Two: The Welfare Policy Seminar will focus on the Department of Human Service’s most popular programs, including cash assistance, food assistance, state disability assistance and Medicaid. There will also be a brief overview of Social Security programs, including SSI, RSDI and Medicare. The session will include explanations of these programs, including covered services and eligibility requirements, as well as advocacy strategies. Please bring your questions and cases, discussion is welcome.


Registration materials have now been removed.

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