New Bias Suit Filed Against Ivanhoe Apartments

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Fair Housing Center Alleges Race Discrimination

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July 21, 2009

After several years of testing Ivanhoe Apartments for possible violations of fair housing law, the Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan has filed suit against the owner and resident manager of the Ann Arbor housing complex.

To investigate allegations of race discrimination the Fair Housing Center sent African-American and White test teams to Ivanhoe Apartments located off Packard Road. Testing evidence supports the claims of race discrimination. The FHC’s enforcement program is supported in part with funding provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Fair Housing Initiatives Program

“Based on the testing evidence, the Fair Housing Center has a responsibility to litigate this case” said Ann Routt, President of the Fair Housing Center Board of Directors. The US Supreme Court decision in Havens v Coleman recognizes the right of fair housing organizations to sue for damages under the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Filing on behalf of the Fair Housing Center are Cooperating Attorneys D. Scott Chang and Stephen M. Dane from the law firm Relman & Dane, and Steve Tomkowiak. The case is assigned to Federal Judge Sean F. Cox.

A private non-profit organization, the Fair Housing Center opened in 1992 to provide fair housing testing, investigation, advocacy, education, conciliation, and attorney referral to those who believe they have been the victims of illegal housing discrimination. The Fair Housing Center provides fair housing services in six counties.


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