Our Stories


A woman smiling in a wheelchair. Her quote is "I no longer could afford a caregiver because I couldn't afford the street parking any longer. The Fair Housing Center was informed about my situation and immediately followed up with a letter to the management of my apartment. The following day I was able to have my caregiver back, and able to see me." Dani Laurion

A smiling white woman in a wheelchair is next to three other white people standing. The quote says "The Fair Housing Center does amazing work fighting for the rights of disabled persons." Diana Schlaack, Advocate for Dani Laurion, FHC Client
Smiling white doctor standing near a ramp at a house. The quote reads: “After 3-months of meeting in-person, sending a certified letter, and leaving voice messages I was still not able to set-up communication with the housing facility for a reasonable accommodation (ramp);  without the ramp this individual was not able to leave their home. I then called the Fair Housing Center to assist in setting up  a dialog with the housing facility.  Within a week we were given permission to proceed with a ramp placement. Thank you FHC for being there to support individuals and their caregivers'' Jon, Physical Therapist