Pippens v Trkula

Pippens v Trkula

#W13-06 Pippens v Trkula was settled on November 14, 2013. Cicily Pippens accepted $20,000 to settle her familial status complaint against Mildred Trkula. FHC testing supported Cicily Pippens’ claim of discrimination. Ms. Trkula must attend fair housing training and a lien is placed on her properties until the settlement is paid in full. FHC Cooperating Attorney Steve Tomkowiak filed the case in U.S. Federal District Court on behalf of Ms. Pippens. The case was assigned to Judge Victoria Roberts. 

Court: Federal
Settlement: $20,000

$20,000 to Monroe Mom in Housing Settlement

Monroe Property Does Not Want Children; Lawsuit Filed


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