RACE: Are We So Different? Exhibit Coming to U of M in February, 2013

The University of Michigan will be hosting the “RACE: Are We So Different” traveling exhibit  (a project of the American Anthropological Association) at the Museum of Natural History from 2/8/2013 – 5/27/2013.

In February of 2012, the Museum of Natural History began preparing for the exhibit’s arrival through a three pronged approach: education at the University level, K-12 public schools (and a train the trainer program), and monthly community dialogues.

You can read more about the Museum of Natural History’s Understanding Race project and how to get involved in the local events at: http://understandingraceproject.org/ or on their facebook group.

You can also get an overview of RACE: Are We So Different on the exhibit’s website. There you will find many pages of interactive material focused on looking at RACE through three lenses -history, human variation and lived experience.  Race: Are we so different?

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