Welcome in My BackYard (WIMBY)

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Share Your Commitment to the Principles of WIMBY

    1. Share a pic of yourself with the WIMBY logo and use the hashtag #fhcWIMBY
    2. Share the Pledge (email, social media, print out and give to your neighbor – you decide!). You can also download a pledge sheet.

Talk to us about your Commitment

    1. If you have already signed, we’d love to hear what impact it made on you, if any. Please take 2 minutes now to answer a few questions and share your thoughts.
    2. If you just signed, please share with us what you think your plans for taking action will look like in the next year.

The WIMBY Pledge

The W I M B Y Pledge : Welcome In My BackYard

I who have signed below affirm that I welcome people of all walks of life in my neighborhood and community, and value human diversity in all its forms. I cherish my right to live according to my own values and beliefs, and respect the rights of others to do the same.

I am personally opposed to and will try to find ways to speak out against:

 Housing discrimination and other forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), disability, familial status, marital status, age, source of income, student status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression;

 Verbal and physical harassment and abuse of all kinds, especially against children;

 Racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic acts;

 The "not in my backyard" attitude toward group homes, foster-care homes, shelters, and public, cooperative, and subsidized housing;

 Ethnic intimidation;

 Anti-immigration and anti-immigrant actions and prejudice;

 Anti-gay, lesbian, and bisexual harassment and violence;

 Anti-transgender and gender expression harassment and violence.

I recognize that I may also hold such prejudices and stereotypes of various kinds developed during my life. Over the next year, I will try to better understand and reverse such attitudes in order to ensure that I do not act upon them.

I also intend to exercise my rights of free speech and political expression by displaying the WIMBY sign for the next year, in order to increase consciousness in my neighborhood and community about the principles of this pledge.

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185 signatures

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Latest Signatures
185 Mr. Liam W. Aug 31, 2021
184 Ms Leslie D. Laingsburg Mar 28, 2021
183 Ms Christina B. Roseville Nov 01, 2020
182 Ms Yarrow H. Ypsilanti Jul 31, 2020
181 Mr Jason N. Jackson Jul 30, 2020
180 Mrs Lisa R. Ann Arbor Jul 30, 2020
179 Ms Jamie G. Dexter Jul 30, 2020
178 Mr Samuel B. Ann Arbor Jul 30, 2020
177 Ms Eden S. Ypsilanti Jul 07, 2020
176 Ms Julie P. Ypsilanti Jul 02, 2020
175 Ms Nathaniel B. Ypsilanti Jul 02, 2020
174 Ms Echo A. Haslett Jun 08, 2020
173 Ms Tamara R. Ottawa HIlls Jun 04, 2020
172 Ms Zuvuya T. Ypsilanti Dec 12, 2019
171 Ms Lisa S. Lansing Sep 21, 2019
170 Ms Brendalee S. Troy Aug 01, 2019
169 Ms Ann W. Pleasant Ridge Jul 31, 2019
168 Ms Susan F. Ann Arbor Jul 28, 2019
167 Mr Alejandro A. Irvine Jul 23, 2019
166 Mr Jeff G. Lakewood Jul 12, 2019
165 Ms Melissa C. Chelsea Nov 21, 2018
164 Ms Lori C. Oct 25, 2018
163 Mr Dug S. Ann Arbor Oct 15, 2018
162 Ms Bess A. Ypsilanti Oct 15, 2018
161 Ms Brandy N. Ypsilanti Oct 15, 2018

History: In 1994, in response to hate crimes in Ann Arbor, our office worked with community members to start the WIMBY campaign (Welcome in My BackYard). We edited the original version and relaunched the campaign in 2017, during a time of increased intolerance, to help make visible the large number of people who believe in diversity and inclusion.

Looking for the FHC WIMBY video campaign information? Click here.